FauxFlow: Single Cell Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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Important: There are a lot of zero values in these data. Some noise has been added to spread out the data and make the low values look 'flow-like'. However, these zero values are really an undefined mixture of low readings and missing data (due to low-depth rna-seq coverage and/or challenges of single cell rna library preparation). Keep this in mind, and treat low values (and their population statistics) with some skepticism.

Table of correlations and anti-correlations


Table of populations for selected genes

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Contributors: Jim Holloway, Nathan Siemers
Landscape of Infiltrating T Cells in Liver Cancer Revealed by Single-Cell Sequencing Chunhong Zheng, Liangtao Zheng, Jae-Kwang Yoo, Huahu Guo, Yuanyuan Zhang, Xinyi Guo, Boxi Kang, Ruozhen Hu, Julie Y. Huang, Qiming Zhang, Zhouzerui Liu, Minghui Dong, Xueda Hu, Wenjun Ouyang. DOI:

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